Práce na domovské stránce kryptoměny Monero.

These are the major changes to since my last update:

  • After receiving some complaints about scammy echanges trying to use the Merchants page to attract users to their service, we decided to list less exchanges and make more background checks. Note that we still don't do any deep vetting, we just restricted the criterias to be listed on getmonero - #1526#1518
  • Drastically improve performance of some pages by adding lazy loading images (space savings up to 54%. Details in the PR) - #1508
  • Added blog post announcing v0.17.2.0 - #1564
  • Added blog post announcing v0.17.2.1 - #1574
  • Added Cheatsheet section to the Library - #1522
  • Added Rings Cheatsheet to the Library - #1496
  • The user guides have been completely translated into Norwegian - #1492#1493
  • Added translations from Weblate - #1466
  • Updated What is Monero page and added action buttons - #1481#1506
  • Activated the new Norwegian language - #1511
  • Added blog post announcing the new available language (Norwegian) - #1541
  • Almost all user guides have been converted to make possible translating them on Weblate. The entire effort is tracked on #1270 - #1530#1531#1538#1539#1540
  • Added Italian subtitles to the promo video in the Homepage - #1450
  • Fixed language switching to English when selecting a category - #1527
  • Added section 'Antivirus' to the Downloads page - #1500
  • Documented all param for export_outputs and export_key_images rpc calls - #1505
  • Fixed navigation bar not being displayed for certain displays - #1504
  • Added scroll-to-top arrow/button and added dropdown menu to the Merchants page - #1502
  • updated some wording in the About page - #1501
  • Removed nonexistent parameters in dev guide 'wallet-rpc' - #1499
  • Marked 'onion address' as 'completed' in the roadmap - #1491
  • Standardized video hyperlinks in the FAQ - #1476
  • minor fix to the daemon-rpc user guide - #1425
  • change domain of the matrix rooms in the Hangouts page to '' - #1479
  • The Kastelo hardware wallet was removed from the Roadmap - #1542
  • Removed redundant link to in the Press Kit page - #1507
  • New contributors have been helping fix some minor issues that range to typo fixes to CCS improvements. We would like to thank them very much 🙂 - #1546#1557#1556#1554#1551#1548#1547#1572#1534#1513

This list doesn't include all changes to the website or to the repository. For a wider overview, take a look at the list of all commits or the activity on Github during last month

New merchants

These are businesses which accept Monero recently added to the 'Merchants' page. For the complete list visit

Note: we list these merchants for convenience, we don't do any vetting. We only check that the websites actually accept Monero and are not obvious scams. Do not use these services without first making your own researches about them.

digitalgoods by ProxyStore #1536
Digital goods such as Mullvad VPN Codes

TrilightZone #1520
Anonymous offshore services since 2005

CoinCat #1516
Buy and sell crypto in minutes

1984 Hosting Iceland #1512
Privacy concerned hosting for freedom fighters

3 merchant were removed#1515#1514#1580

If you know a business which accepts Monero who is not listed, let us know and we will add it to the 'Merchants' page. To add a merchant, open an issue on the repository and fill up the template.

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