Bob and Alice E4 : privacy chat meets privacy coin

Alice asks Bob about chat privacy and suggests using a privacy coin. But Bob has already integrated Monero into ecchat. Bob and Alice then do a Monero / Litecoin swap - instant, free, private, non-custodial with no KYC. Note that the chat infrastructure is 100% decentralized (no server), peer-2-peer, end to end encrypted, addressed using crypto keys rather than IP addresses, AODV routed across a dynamic mesh network. This episode shows cross-chain trusted swaps, then later we will add chat mediated asset exchange using trustless atomic swaps. With the addition of group chat, this becomes a platform for RFQ/IOI style trading, which as we know from traditional fintech, is more suitable for the extremes of trading than order driven markets - illiquid assets and large block trading. URL to the XMR transaction :​ URL to the LTC transaction :​​​

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