Bringing Privacy Mainstream: Building Demand for Shifting Global Demographics

Technological advancements have gifted Generation Z with tools to shape their futures while at the same time gifting longevity to their grandparents. By 2030, there will be 1 billion humans over the age of 65. This demographic has a dramatic upside in protecting their privacy, including preventing financial fraud, harassing robocalls, and leaking detrimental health data, but where do we begin? Technology that speaks directly to the needs of this cohort will build strong lobbying coalitions and an even stronger consumer base. Protecting and enhancing privacy for the Baby Boomers has the potential to build the foundational user-base for privacy-centric solutions as they largely can afford to support it and value the implications. Amanda Cavaleri is a results-driven entrepreneur and startup business development executive. She has 10 years experience at the intersection of shifting demographics and emerging technology, ranging from global concern to hyperlocal concerns along the Rocky Mountains. Featuring Jerry Brito of Coin Center.

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