Pár slov od nového hlavního představitele kryptoměny Monero jménem Snipa.


Sorry, I haven't been checking Reddit much, as I'm mostly an IRC-personality around the pool networks, but I'm making an effort to come around here as well.

As to questions! I'm far from anonymous, I tend to make very little effort to hide who I am. I don't use social media much, but you'll find my twitter, rarely as I use it, https://twitter.com/Snipa_Ablair/ (Already waiting for the trolling!), though it's a hint out of date, as Hosho shut down about a year ago now, I do however, still have the headcrab hat, and it might get a monero logo stitched on if I can convince someone to do so for me, as I'm not particularly good with needle and thread!

You can usually find me around IRC, Snipa on Freenode, hanging around the Monero chats. As Ginger alluded to, I'm the co-op of supportxmr.com and have been for a couple of years now, run xmrpool.net (Which is finally off it's horrible streak again.) and write patches for the nodejs-pool software I wrote a few years back. I've also participated with the Monero Defcon community, serving as the shipping point two years ago, so my address is certainly known to some of the community members.

After being approached for the position, I've been busily locking down accounts, rolling fresh SSH and GPG keys on secure systems, which is why my repo-submitted key is not under my main snipanet.com email, but under my slightly newer and better maintained (Not google) email accounts. The annoyance of having family using my email services for years now, means I can't just roll the domain wherever I want.

Ginger linked my github, https://github.com/snipa22/, which is signing my commits with my previously mentioned GPG key that's been submitted to the repo.

I'll most likely be setting up a blog-ish thing on the jagtech.io domain I'm using as my primary email domain at this point, but I knocked the old snipanet.com one offline awhile back when I killed the server it lived on.

If there's any other questions, feel free to tag me here, poke me in IRC, or poke someone who can poke me in IRC, as it's usually the best way to get ahold of me in a short-ish timeframe, as I keep IRC live at home and work though a bouncer to keep up with the network.

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