Why Monero is better than Zcash

Zdroj: Nanarcho_Cumianist

  • no CEO
  • no vulnerable corporate presence, anonymous core developers not subject to US/EU regulatory pressure or intimidation
  • not answerable to institutional donors/investors/shareholders
  • not overly-concerned with compliance, privacy is prioritized in every consideration
  • fully private at protocol level (no optional privacy), all transactions look the same
  • auto-shielded IP addresses
  • uses well-understood, battle-tested and thus reliable cryptography as opposed to novel, much less understood and thus potentially flawed cryptography i.e. no "spooky moon math"
  • no suspected backdoors
  • no dev tax i.e. "founder's reward/community development fund"
  • not transitioning to Proof-of-Stake
  • no trusted setup
  • not a Bitcoin fork
  • tail emission
  • ASIC resistance
  • dynamic blocksize
  • lower inflation
  • ever-increasing real-world adoption, actually displacing Bitcoin in key sectors
  • passionate grassroots enthusiasm, considerably more community engagement and activism
  • significantly better reputation, widely admired and respected by non-hodlers
  • greater decentralization = much more likely to survive a governmental crackdown on privacy coins

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