UPDATE Cake Wallet 3.1.9

Nová verze peněženky Cake Wallet 3.1.9 pro kryptoměnu Monero.

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  1. Accounts! Yes, like the GUI! With this feature, you can have multiple "accounts" within a wallet. This is quite useful to keep transactions separate yet have it all within one wallet, thus only one set of keys/seed are needed. If you're running a business, you can keep payments and receipts separated... for example, for customers, suppliers, partners, employees, etc. Furthermore, you can create subaddresses for receiving XMR within each account. So... Wallet > Accounts > Subaddresses. Accounts can be accessed from the new "more" menu on the main dashboard on the upper left hand side.
  2. Better Subaddress Management on the Receive Screen! This actually came out of a real world need from the Monero NYC party. Our plan was to give a different subaddress to each guest for payment for the ticket. However, the way we had it before in version 3.1.8, you indeed could create subaddresses on the receive screen but not actually see in which subaddresses the payment was made. You would see a transaction but not know who paid it. In this new version, the transaction detail of each transaction has a new field showing in which subaddress that payment was received. Subaddress can be managed from the Receive screen.
  3. A third exchange! We have added the insta-exchange ChangeNow to provide our users more flexibility geographically as well as choice in rates. Please note that the XMR to BTC pair is still exclusive to XMR.TO.
  4. A totally new redesign! Cake Wallet's main purpose was and is to provide an easy to use tool to send, receive, and store Monero for everybody. Management of wallets, accounts, subaddresses, and addressbook are all easily accessed now on a new "more" menu on the main dashboard. With the cosmetic redesign as well as the flow of menus, screens, buttons and tabs, we believe this gives a fresh and updated app that is easier to use.

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