UPDATE Cake Wallet v4.2.4

Nová verze peněženky Cake Wallet.


- Coin Control (for Bitcoin). Choose, freeze, and label BTC inputs.

- Subaddresses in contacts. Now you can directly exchange into a subaddress.

Please note that all of your addresses and subaddresses get automatically added to the internal address book. So when exchanging or sending, you can just press on the address book icon on the address line and choose the address/subaddress you want to use.

- Unstoppable domains (for .crypto domains). "monero.crypto" is now mapped to Monero's general dev fund for XMR and BTC. Likewise "cakewallet.crypto" is mapped to Cake's donation address for XMR, BTC, and LTC.

- Fix Sync issue for XMR wallets. If you are having the problem where the sync starts from the beginning, please restore once and then the problem should not happen again.

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