Nová verze peněženky Cake Wallet 3.1.19 pro kryptoměnu Monero.

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  • You can now receive XMR in a subaddress in the exchange. For example, if you exchange from BTC to XMR, you can receive that XMR in a subaddress of your choice!
  • Timer to show when balance will be "available". This is not 100% accurate, but it will give you some idea of when your balance will become available. We put this in because we get at lot of support tickets that say "I just sent xxx xmr and now my balance is 0!!"
  • Option to save recipient address in settings. This was a bit controversial in version 3.1.17 so we took it out in 3.1.18. Now have made it optional in 3.1.19. You can choose to turn it on in the settings tab.
  • Ability to copy trade ID field in the exchange history. In the new exchange history screen introduced in 3.1.17, you can now copy the trade ID - if you need to track it or send to the exchange provider for any reason.

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