UPDATE Cake Wallet 3.1.17

Nová verze peněženky Cake Wallet 3.1.17 pro kryptoměnu Monero.

Domovská stránka ZDE.

Cake Wallet na APP Store ZDE.

Cake Wallet na Telegramu ZDE.


  • Hide balance from displaying on the home screen (can be set in settings). This is a very essential feature for safety and privacy. Once activated, the full balance can be seen by long pressing the balance area.
  • In addition to Hidden Balance, you can also choose to show instead the Full Balance or the Available Balance on the home screen (also set in the settings). You can still toggle between the two by pressing on the balance area.
  • Recipient addresses are now saved and shown in "sent" transaction details. This feature was requested by many of you.
  • Exchange provider name (like xmr.to, morphtoken, changenow) is now shown in the transaction details.
  • Added History for the exchange. This will show you all of your exchange history. This exchange history can be accessed from the "exchange" tab and pressing on "history" on the upper left of the screen.
  • Added an exchange history detail screen with exchange "status". User can return to this detail screen to see the status of each exchange that they initiated.

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