XMRig v5.0.+

Máme zde prvního minera který je upgradován na algoritmus RandomX. Jedná se o XMRig v5.0.+

Změny v5.0.1

  • #1234 Fixed compatibility with some AMD GPUs.
  • #1284 Fixed build without RandomX.
  • #1285 Added command line options --cuda-bfactor-hint and --cuda-bsleep-hint.
  • #1290 Fixed 32-bit ARM compilation.

Změny v5.0.0

This version is first stable unified 3 in 1 GPU+CPU release, OpenCL support builtin into the miner and not require additional external dependencies on compile time, NVIDIA CUDA available as external CUDA plugin, for convenient, 3 in 1 downloads with recent CUDA version also provided.

This release based on 4.x.x series and include all features from v4.6.2-beta, changelog below include only the most important changes, full changelog available separately.

  • #1272 Optimized hashrate calculation.
  • #1263 Added new option dataset_host for NVIDIA GPUs with less than 4 GB memory (RandomX only).
  • #1068 Added support for self-select stratum protocol extension.
  • #1227 Added new algorithm rx/arq, RandomX variant for upcoming ArQmA fork.
  • #808 Added experimental support for persistent memory for CPU mining threads.
  • #1221 Improved RandomX dataset memory usage and initialization speed for NUMA machines.
  • #1175 Fixed support for systems where total count of NUMA nodes not equal usable nodes count.
  • Added config option cpu/max-threads-hint and command line option --cpu-max-threads-hint.
  • #1185 Added JIT compiler for RandomX on ARMv8.
  • Improved API endpoint GET /2/backends and added support for this endpoint to workers.xmrig.info.
  • Added command line option --no-cpu to disable CPU backend.
  • Added OpenCL specific command line options: --opencl--opencl-devices--opencl-platform--opencl-loader and --opencl-no-cache.
  • Added CUDA specific command line options: --cuda--cuda-loader and --no-nvml.
  • Removed command line option --http-enabled, HTTP API enabled automatically if any other --http-* option provided.
  • #1172 Added OpenCL mining backend.
  • Algorithm cn/wow removed, as no longer alive.

Ke stažení:

SHA256SUMS475 Bytes

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xmrig-5.0.1-gcc-win32.zip3.84 MB

xmrig-5.0.1-gcc-win64.zip3.63 MB

xmrig-5.0.1-msvc-cuda10_1-win64.zip17.8 MB

xmrig-5.0.1-msvc-win64.zip2.74 MB

xmrig-5.0.1-xenial-x64.tar.gz4.08 MB

Source code(zip)

Source code(tar.gz)

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