Tails 5.0, pre-installed Monero GUI

Zaujal nás požadavek aby core peněženka kryptoměny Monero byla již v základu operačního systému Tails.

Jedná se o požadavek číslo 17823.

Support Monero

Hello. I'm opening this issue to request the addition of the Monero wallets (GUI and/or CLI) to your list of pre-installed software. I think Monero and Tails users (like myself) would be happy to have Monero integrated and ready to use.

I see from #14390 (closed) and #15686 (closed) that the main reason to not consider the integration was that Monero is not included in Debian repositories. Things are different now. Monero is included in Debian Sid and Bullseye (https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/monero). This package includes only the CLI.

Another package, which includes both CLI and GUI wallets, is available for Debian and it's maintained by Patrick Schleizer, the funder of Whonix and would probably be the best choice in case Tails devs will agree to integrate Monero. More info: https://ccs.getmonero.org/proposals/adrelanos-debian-package.html and https://gitlab.com/whonix/monero-gui.

Feel free to contact me or the Monero dev community (Freenode: #monero-dev) for further details or to discuss the integration.

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