Peter Van Valkenburgh — Could Monero be Sanctioned like Tornado Cash

TODAY'S 🎙SHOW: Douglas Tuman interviews Peter Van Valkenburgh who works as research director at CoinCenter. Peter is one of the most well spoken and impactful advocates for creating a positive cryptocurrency regulation landscape and makes some of the strongest legal arguments for why the gov banning of true digital cash-like cryptocurrencies would be unconstitutional. The two discuss the history of legal issues around crypto, OFAC and the current state of AML regulations, the implications of the Tornado Cash case for the Monero ecosystem, the nuances of sanctioning decentralized exchanges, mixers and smart contracts, Monero vs. Zcash and Bitcoin from a regulatory point of view, and whether or not free speech laws are applicable for computer code and much more! Please note that in the discussion of zcashes memo field being used to comply with travel rule regulations Doug seemed to suggest this is not possible with Monero. This is not completely accurate. Monero still does have tx_extra feature which could effectively be used as memo field, but the monero community at large agrees tx extra should not be used this way since it would cause chain bloat, could affect transaction distinguishability, and is unnecessary due to the benefits of off-chain solutions. Consensus is building around completely deprecating the tx feature and the point Doug was attempting to make is zcash promotes itself as being regulation friendly whereas all of Monero’s design choices are towards being more “cash-like”.

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