Rekapitulace a aktualizace peněženek kryptoměny Monero.

⚠️ - Relatively new and/or beta. Use wallet with caution.

☢️ - Closed source.

Desktop wallets

WalletDeviceDescriptionDownload link
"Official" GUI / CLIWindows, macOS, LinuxDefault implementation maintained by the core team. Use this wallet to run a full node and obtain maximum privacy. Integrates with hardware wallets. Current version: /
MyMoneroWindows, macOS, LinuxLightweight wallet -- you don't need to download the blockchain and run a node. MyMonero was developed with the assistance of the core team. It also has web-based and iOS
ExodusWindows, macOS, Linux⚠️ / Multi-asset
ZelCoreWindows, macOS, Linux⚠️ / Multi-asset wallet. It also has Android and iOS
GuardaWindows, macOS, Linux⚠️ ☢️ / Multi-asset

Mobile wallets

WalletDeviceDescriptionDownload link
MonerujoAndroidIntegrates with Ledger (hardware wallet). Website: Play / F-Droid / GitHub
MyMoneroiOSWebsite: Store
Cake WalletiOSWebsite: Store
X WalletiOSWebsite: Store
Edge WalletAndroid / iOSMulti-asset wallet. Website: Play / App Store
ZelCoreAndroid / iOS⚠️ / Multi-asset wallet. Website: Play / App Store
CoinomiAndroid / iOS⚠️ ☢️ / Multi-asset wallet. Website: Play / App Store
Moxi / GuardaAndroid / iOS⚠️ ☢️ / Multi-asset wallet. Website: Play / App Store
Exa WalletAndroid / iOS⚠️ Website: Play / App Store
Wookey WalletAndroid / iOS⚠️ Website: Play / F-Droid / App Store
ExodusAndroid / iOS⚠️ / Multi-asset wallet. Website: Play / [App Store](

Web-based wallets

MyMoneroWeb version of the MyMonero wallet.Web
GuardaMulti-asset wallet.Web

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