Monero Merch

Další eshop s propagačními předměty kryptoměny Monero. Pozn. toto není placená reklama, chybí platba XMR.

We'd love to announce, a place to find over 80 different Monero products/merchandise! We have several designs and are in the process of adding more. As proud Monero followers, we donate 30% of sales directly to Monero Project's CCS (Community Crowdfunding System).

Welcome Promo Code:

As a welcome, we are offering FREE shipping if you use promo code XMRREDDIT at checkout. Offer valid until 4/22/21.

What can I find on your website?

T-shirts, sweats, phone cases, mugs, socks, stickers, posters, face masks, pillows, bottles, blankets, leggings, towels, wall hangings, hoodies, kids & baby clothes, and more!

Men's, women's, and unisex clothes available.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to MOST countries in the world.

Social & Offers:

Reddit - Receive a $1 off promo code for upvoting this post

Facebook - Receive a $1 off promo code for liking us on Facebook

Twitter - Receive a $1 off promo code for following us on Twitter

Do any or all three! Do all three? That's $3 off for you! E-mail social [at] moneromerch [dot] com afterwards with your Twitter/Facebook/Reddit usernames/handles so that way may send you a unique code to use at checkout. Offer valid until 5/1/21.

Order Support:

See the links next at the very bottom of, where you may find most answers to questions, including order status and tracking. For additional questions e-mail support [at] moneromerch [dot] com.

Bulk Discounts:

Bulk discounts are available for over 5x of the same product & design. E-mail support [at] moneromerch [dot] com.

See a product but want a different design?

We accept custom designs and will print and ship your custom design to you! For FREE custom design print requests, please e-mail custom [at] moneromerch [dot] com.

Monero subreddit mods and Monero leaders:

Please message us directly so you may receive these items at cost as a special thank you for the work you do.

Pictures of some of our products:

Monero T-Shirts / Apparel

Monero All-Over Pants

Monero Mugs

Monero Phone Cases

Monero Hoodies

Monero Posters / Wall Art / Canvas Prints

Monero Leggings

Monero Socks

Monero Face Masks

Monero Pillows

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