Monero Meetup Utrecht

Desátého září proběhne v Utrechtu Monero Meetup v místním Lisk Centru.


The Monero Meetup Utrecht is moving to a new location next to Utrecht Central Station. Here we can have visual presentations in a professional atmosphere, but also get together and have a drink afterwards.

Lisk Center Utrecht are our new hosts. Among other things, it's a co-working center for blockchain professionals. It's on the 6th floor of the Beatrix Theater building. Address: Jaarbeursplein 6, but the entrance is on Croeselaan.

We're also changing the language from Dutch to English, but feel free to ask questions or make comments in Dutch. Last time, mixing both languages spontaneously went pretty well.


19:00 Welcome and drinks. The first round of drinks is provided for free by Cake Wallet, the Monero app for iOS.

19:15 Edwin den Boer tells what Monero developers and the community have been doing in the past two months. Notable developments so far: a new type of signature (CLSAG), audits of the new mining algorithm RandomX, the Monero Village at Defcon and the Monero Torch on Twitter. A network upgrade is being prepared for October.

19:30 Defterade gives a presentation that briefly introduces the Monero project, followed by an in depth look at privacy in cryptocurrencies. He will discuss Bitcoin's lack of privacy and how this has had real world impact. He will then discuss the the past, the present and the possible future of Monero's privacy technology and will give general recommendations to keep yourself safe when using Monero.

20:15 Drinks and more discussion.

20:30 Try to solve a Monero puzzle with a 0.1 XMR prize - sponsored by Cake Wallet again.

After the meetup, please leave the building through the side entrance on the south side, walking along the reception desk. There are restaurants across the road where you could have another drink.

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