Monero Meetup NYC

Koncem měsíce září proběhne v New Yorku Monero meetup.


Come learn and share knowledge with other like minded crypto enthusiasts. Hosted @ XCUBICLE.

We will be discussing the recent UPDATES occurring in the Monero & Loki Community!


- Monero Community Updates
- Monero Roadmap Overview
- RandomX and RandomXL Mining - Quick Intro to CPU Mining
- Loki Monero Fork - An Intro and Community Update


Anything Monero or privacy coin related. Please contact me if you like to demo your project, or want to open up a discussion of a particular topic.

Space rental sponsored by - Other sponsors are welcome to pitch in to help on costs for food and drinks.


Our other Sponsors and Supporters:

CakeWallet -

Monero Talk -

Thursday, September 26, 2019
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM xCubicle 48 Wall St. 5th Floor · New York, NY

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