Monero Gift Card

Návrh pro dárkové karty kryptoměny Monero od AnarkioCrypto.

Download to print, translate and edit here:

PNGs (300 DPI):


Dimensions are 85.6 mm x 54 mm.

Onionltd is working on a website (https://xmr.gift where you can generate printable templates for gift cards, as well as a guide about how to redeem the Monero (download a wallet and sweep the funds). It's a nice grassroots, decentralized, non-custodial, print-at-home option.

How to make a Monero gift card:

  1. Download your favorite gift card template or design your own.
  2. Create a new Monero wallet on your computer and fund it.
  3. Generate a QR code of the seed and restore height (⚠️).
  4. Add the QR code to the template (e.g. with GIMP) or print the QR code separately and stick it onto the gift card.
  5. Print the gift card onto cardstock.
  6. Give the gift card to a friend, tip a waiter, taxi driver or barber, sell them for cash in your brick-and-mortar store (a good KYC-free Monero on-ramp) or airdrop them in public places.

(⚠️) For security, the recipient should send their gifted XMR to their own wallet. There are suggestions for Cake Wallet and Monerujo to offer a "Restore from gift card" option that sweeps the funds from the seed and sends them to a secure new wallet. The gift card templates can include any QR code, including a future "Restore from gift card" Monero URI.

If you are giving the gift card to a friend, a scratch-off panel isn't necessary. But for airdrops, it could be useful to add a scratch-off panel to show that the gift card was already used. It's possible to make DIY scratch-off panels:

If you are interested in Monero gift cards, there is a new XMR.Gift Matrix room:

If you don't have a Matrix account, you can signup at and login via (supports web, desktop and mobile).

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