Mark Moss on Monero

Douglas Tuman interviews Mark Moss. Mark is a successful investor and entrepreneur who has a knack for marketing. He runs a YouTube show with over a 258K 1/4 million subscribers that eloquently discusses his investment ideas. Often, bitcoin is discussed and Mark’s most popular video with almost a million views discusses his theories on the “war on cash”. In this episode, Doug seeks to understand Marks strong bitcoin conviction and where Monero fits into his thesis, especially considering Marks strong warnings that cash is under attack. At one point Doug brings up the development of bitcoin to Monero atomic swaps as an example of how active the Monero project is and how fears of delistings killing Monero’s liquidity, are probably moot. It should be noted, since recording, it has been announced that the Comet team has taken BTC-XMRatomic swaps from test net to Mainnet!

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