Libertarian UnMasked 2022 Convention: Monero Talk Special Edition Epi

Doug and Sunita headed out West to the Libertarian National Convention in Reno, Nevada on a mission to find out if these liberty loving individuals were aware of and already using and spreading Monero, and if not, to find out why. Overall pretty much everyone shared the concern about the impending elimination of traditional cash but many had not heard of Monero or stopped to understand how Monero is different than all other cryptos and why it is best suited to become the global true digital cash utility we all need. We are happy to report it was a huge success! We talked Monero with tons of people who shared our passion for cash as a necessary tool for free and open societies, onboarded a bunch of people on the spot to wallet with a $10 Monero tip, and even made progress toward getting the Libertarian National Committee to accept Monero donations!

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