Práce na domovské stránce kryptoměny Monero.

These are the major changes since my last update:

  • We had been serving a broken sitemap for a long time. This means search engines were fed with wrong URLs. This has now been fixed and will result in a much better SEO score (more visibility for on search engines) - #1097
  • Performance improvements - #1098
    • Loading any page of the website is now faster. A lot of time was wasted in a request that cause a useless redirect. Now that request has been removed.
    • Shrinked heavy images in the 'Accepting', "What is Monero" and 'Downloads' page. This will make the pages much lighter, thus decreasing the amount of time needed to load them.
  • Reduced size of the Homepage from 1.51Mb to 458Kb (>70% reduction). A lighter Home is faster to load and has better SEO - #1095
  • Removed the "Recent News" menu and submeus in favour of a single "Blog" menu. Blogs can be categorized thanks to the presence of a selector in the new page - #1027
  • Removed Matomo analytics. This change made the website completely Javascript-free. We plan to use only the logs from the server for analytics purposes - #1084
  • Logs of the 2020-07-19 dev meeting where the date of the next network upgrade was set, has been uploaded - 1092
  • Improved Github's CI perfomance: Build time for a Pull request reduced from ~6 minutes to ~ 2 minutes - #1086
  • Improved the user guide Importing the Monero blockchain - #1065
  • We switched from Netlify's free plan, to the Pro plan. The core team's general fund is sustaining the expense (we paid 45$ for the first month, will be 19$/month after that).
  • The Downloads page was behaving weirdly on mobile. Now it's fixed - #1102

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