Práce na domovské stránce kryptoměny Monero.

For reasons outside my control i couldn't work on the website (and anything else really) for about ten days. I restarted working on Monero today with a minimal set up, for now. The start of my CCS was postponed accordingly.

These are the major changes since my last update:

  • The Homepage was revamped and the content changed. The 'Using' page was removed as result. See the PR for more details and the reasoning behind the change - #948
  • We started to use Netlify's previews, which allow us to build a preview of each PR submitted to the monero-site repository. It's being very useful because allows people without a dev environment set up to see how each proposed change will look once deployed. Check out the PR for more info about this feature - #1016
  • New FAQ 'Why is Monero called 'Monero'?' - #1050
  • Added partial Right to Left support - #1044
  • Removed the 'The Monero Project' page and replaced link in header with a link to Weblate - #1048
  • Add post announcing release - #1057
  • The Core Team posted their first General Fund Transparency Report - #1062
  • Changed the standard logo shown when posting on social medias and added posisiblity to use a custom one - #1002
  • Added a TOC to the Accepting Monero page - #977

Note that i only included in the list major changes that users can be interested to. Many more changes have been implemented, you can see a more complete overview and the complete list of commits on GitHub.

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