Práce na domovské stránce kryptoměny Monero.

These are the major changes to since my last update:

  • blog: add post about btc -> xmr swaps - #1789
  • Add blog post for p2pool release - #1835
  • changed some user guide titles for consistency- #1769
  • Blog: added 2 posts for release v0.17.2.3 GUI and CLI - #1801
  • Tools: add link to MoneroLogs - #1733
  • home: add link to faq 'Are there videos I can watch to learn about Monero?' below intro video - #1795
  • Add "How to make a payment" user guide - #1733
  • new FAQ: 'What is ASIC resistance? Why is it important?' - #1772
  • Add new workflow for reviewing and merging pull requests (using Github projects) - #1784
  • roadmap: change 'atomic swaps' to completed - #1793
  • resources: update "How to restore a wallet from mnemonic seed" user guide - #1781
  • fix line-height issues that caused dev guides to display incorrectly in some cases - #1808
  • developer-guides: wallet-rpc: fix validate_address example - #1848
  • faq: add entry 'What is Monero's maximum supply?' - 1818
  • user guides: Update all language files after updates to - #1823
  • tools: add section 'payment gateways' - #1748
  • moneropedia: remove entry 'encryption' - #1837
  • README: fix introduction text - #1810
  • delete 'node.' files that were generated by mistake - #1859

Introduce i18n system for the Moneropedia

Most of my activity last month was dedicated to refactoring the Moneropedia, so that it will be possible to translate it on Weblate (#1780). This is the last piece missing for having a scalable website. Each listed PR refactors a Moneropedia entry.

This list doesn't include all changes to the website or to the repository. For a wider overview, take a look at the list of all commits or the overview of the activity on Github during the last month

We need contributors willing to work on the website!

Contributors willing to help with the website are always welcome. You are encouraged to join the #monero-site chatroom (on Freenode, Matrix and MatterMost) to stay up to date and participate to the development. It's possbile to contribute to the development of the website in several ways:

  • Translate! It's possible to translate the main parts of the website through an user-friendly graphic interface: Weblate. You don't need any particular experience, except speaking a second language, but make sure to read the guide you find at the top of the page.
  • Resolve an issue! There are many open issues only waiting for contributors to work on them. Keep an eye especially on the issues labelled "⛑️ contributor needed" , which are mostly documentation changes or easy issues which don't require deep technical knowledge. If you would like to help with one of those, but you are scared by the fact that you need to navigate the repository, feel free to contact us and we will manage to get you started.

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