Práce na domovské stránce kryptoměny Monero.

These are the major changes to since my last update:

  • Upgraded Jekyll and dependencies. This change will improve building times and adds latest improvement and fixes to Jekyll - #1617
  • Published blog post 'This Year In Monero - 2021' - #1583
  • Add Hangouts card to the homepage - #1622
  • All unicode emojis in the roadmap were replaced with openmoji ones, which are nicer and consistent between browsers - #1629
  • The 'onion' button now points to the .onion equivalent of the page the user is currently visiting - #1592
  • Added po4a.config to the root of the repo. It will be used to update language files and the user guides in one go (when a user guide is edited) - #1644
  • MRL logo in home proportionally resized - #1565
  • Fixed alignment main button in home - #1567
  • Updated user guide 'Getting started with the CLI wallet' - #1646
  • Fixed language menu overlapping - #1570
  • Added android icon for Mymonero in the downloads page - [#1573]()
  • Fixed minor styling issues in the roadmap - #1578
  • Fixed arrangement of the buttons in the Hangouts page - #1579
  • Removed links to MatterMost in the Hangouts page - #1607
  • Added archives of the source code (CLI and GUI) in the Downloads page - #1605
  • Updated instructions for translators and removed TOC in the README - #1595
  • Minor rewordings in the MRL page - #1590
  • Readded link to Fork Networking in the Sponsorship page (was removed because of an invalid TLS certificate) - #1589
  • Better styling of ordered lists - #1562
  • Fixed alignment of the Moneropedia card in the home - #1544
  • Create translation files for the missing user guides (also uploaded and set up on Weblate) - #1535
  • Minor rewording in the 'Contributing' page - #1558
  • Added note about the Arcturus paper being retracted in the MRL page - #1609
  • Removed telegram from the footer and added logo with link to the Hangouts page - #1614
  • Added email contact to the top of the MRL page - #1635
  • Added more responsiveness to mobile views- #1563

This list doesn't include all changes to the website or to the repository. For a wider overview, take a look at the list of all commits or the overview of the activity on Github during the last month

New merchants

These are businesses which accept Monero recently added to the 'Merchants' page. For the complete list visit

Note: we list these merchants for convenience, we don't do any vetting. We only check that the websites actually accept Monero and are not obvious scams. Do not use these services without first making your own researches about them.

Reflectacles Privacy Eyewear #1604
Sunglasses designed to fool facial recognition

North of Boston #1545
Farm: Veggies fruit meat. Home delivery & markets

ProxyStore #1601
order products via the proxystore within the eu

Declic CBD #1577
CBD products online shop

pandaCD #1597
Peer-to-peer for musicians

Fork Networking, Inc. #1290
Provides Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

cryptoFacile #1587
Compare crypto prices from the best crypto exchanges #1587
KryptoCheck is a german crypto marketplace comparison

Z1 Fashion- Imagoza #1602
Transformational clothing for a unique individual

Vesper Farms #1603
Vermont CBD oil & Custom 3D Printed chess sets and crafts

Southwest Environmental Limited #1608
Environmental Consultancy (UK)

WBN324 Talk Radio #1616
WBN324 is offering cheap advertising paid with Monero

Andes Web Design #1636
Custom software, low prices, expert quality

CryptoStop #1630
General store with over 1,000 brand-name items

Venom X Security Ltd. #1650
Penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and OSINT

5 merchants were removed: #1600, #1591, #1621, #1645

If you know a business which accepts Monero who is not listed, let us know and we will add it to the 'Merchants' page. To add a merchant, open an issue on the repository and fill up the template.

We need contributors willing to work on the website!

Contributors willing to help with the website are always welcome. You are encouraged to join the #monero-site chatroom (on Freenode, Matrix and MatterMost) to stay up to date and participate to the development. It's possbile to contribute to the development of the website in several ways:

  • Translate! It's possible to translate the main parts of the website through an user-friendly graphic interface: Weblate. You don't need any particular experience, except speaking a second language, but make sure to read the guide you find at the top of the page.
  • Resolve an issue! There are many open issues only waiting for contributors to work on them. Keep an eye especially on the issues labelled "⛑️ contributor needed" , which are mostly documentation changes or easy issues which don't require deep technical knowledge. If you would like to help with one of those, but you are scared by the fact that you need to navigate the repository, feel free to contact us and we will manage to get you started.

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