Feather Wallet 2.4.0 released

Desktopová peněženka kryptoměny Monero jménem Feather wallet.

Feather 2.4.0 running on Prestium.


  • added an option to lock the wallet when the window is minimized
  • added an option to disable writing stack traces to disk
  • added an option to hide update notifications
  • added an option to not write a list of recently opened wallets to config file
  • all available fiat currencies should now be selectable as the preferred fiat currency
  • the log level can now be configured
  • the log file can now be opened from within the application
  • the node tab UI should now be less cluttered
  • changing a setting when multiple wallets are open now affects all wallets immediately
  • the settings dialog can now be accessed from the main menu (before a wallet is opened)

Proxy settings

Proxy settings (Windows)

A proxy tab was added to the settings. This tab replaces the current Tor Info dialog, consolidating all network related settings into one place.

Feather can be configured to route traffic over Tor, I2P, socks5 or no proxy at all.

By default, Feather will still route most traffic over Tor. But, if you're unable to connect to the Tor network or would rather use a different proxy, you have the option to change the settings before any network connections are made when Feather is started for the first time (or after).

I2P support

With the new Proxy tab comes the option to configure Feather to route all traffic over I2P.

Feather is now "I2P-aware" and comes with a built-in list of I2P nodes. All wallet functionality, including the websocket connection (if enabled) as well as the built-in updater will continue to work if you switch to I2P.

Instructions on how to set up I2P and configure Feather can be found in the documentation.

The I2P network is currently under a DDoS attack and is very slow as a result. Expect very slow synchronization for now.

The site is now available on I2P as well: http://rwzulgcql2y3n6os2jhmhg6un2m33rylazfnzhf56likav47aylq.b32.i2p

Feather now supports Prestium, a privacy focused, I2P based live operating system. In an upcoming release Feather will be bundled with Prestium. For now, you can download the AppImage for Linux. Proxy settings are autoconfigured to use I2P when Feather is started for the first time on Prestium.

Other changes

  • updater: you can now manually check for updates via 'Help -> Check for updates'. This will allow you to update Feather to the latest version, even if the update is not yet advertised to clients. (note: the updater is currently disabled on macOS.)
  • statusbar: fixed an issue that could cause Feather to report that it was "Disconnected" when it was in fact "Connecting to a node"
  • libwallet: transactions that were broadcast using a tx pusher will now show up in the history as soon as they reach the mempool, rather than once they have at least one confirmation
  • windows: clicking the button to open the wallet directory in 'Wallet -> Information' will now actually open the wallet directory
  • mac: the version number should now be embedded in the application bundle
  • bounties: the bounty amount is no longer displayed twice
  • upgraded OpenSSL to 1.1.1t
  • upgraded Tor to

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