Feather Wallet 1.0.0

Nová verze desktopové peněženky kryptoměny Monero jménem Feather wallet.


What is Feather Wallet?

Feather is a community-fundedfree and open-source Monero desktop wallet for Linux, Tails, Windows and macOS.

Its goals are to:

  • Provide an easy-to-use, small and fast graphical wallet that runs well on any modern hardware, including virtual machines and live operating systems.
  • Be beginner friendly, but also cater to advanced Monero users by providing a feature set that is on par with the official CLI.
  • Serve as a testing grounds for experimental features that may later be adopted in the reference wallets (such as 14 word seeds).
  • Ship with sane defaults that suit most users, but allow it to be configured for high or uncommon threat models as well.

If you are unsure whether Feather is right for you, take a look at our feature comparison and screenshots page.

What's next?

This release concludes my current CCS, but there is still plenty of stuff I'd like to work on!

Just to name a few things: translations, persistent payment requests, support for more spend types (e.g. multi destination txs with manual input selection), improved wallet_api thread safety, atomic swaps, move to Qt6, reproducible macOS builds, recurring payments, multisig (when ready), etc.

I will submit a CCS proposal to fund my continued work on Feather Wallet later this week.


Feather now has official documentation. It is accessible online here.

The documentation contains installation instructions, answers to frequently asked questions, how-tos and troubleshooting guides.

Please let us know if you would like to see an entry expanded, clarified or added.

A note to Windows users:

Feather now has an installer for Windows. If you are currently using a standalone executable, we recommend that you download the installer.


  • Removed the Beta warning that is shown on first startup
  • Opening most dialogs in one window should no longer block input in other windows
  • The websocket connection will now be established slightly faster (by 1-2 seconds)
  • Transaction history CSV export format was improved
  • Users should no longer encounter "Too many transactions requested in restricted mode" errors when the mempool is full
  • History: amount shown for incoming transactions no longer includes network fee (thanks to Lyza for the report)
  • History: fixed an issue that could cause the Fiat column to show '?'
  • History: copying fields using the context menu should now be consistent with what is shown in the table
  • History: the preferred fiat currency is now always used for the Fiat column (thanks to /u/Megatripolis for the report)
  • History: the txid column should no longer disappear after clearing a search
  • TxInfo: add button to copy transaction ID
  • TxInfo: disable 'copy tx secret key' button for incoming transactions
  • TxInfo: added a clickable icon to view transaction on block explorer
  • Send: warning displayed when multidestination transaction input is invalid now returns correct line numbers
  • Send: resolving OpenAlias no longer hangs UI
  • TxConfAdv: removed unlock time info
  • TxConfAdv: added fiat amount display
  • TxConfAdv: tx description can now be edited
  • Contacts: added a clickable 'new contact' icon to the contacts widget
  • Receive: added a dialog to create (non-persistent) payment requests
  • Coins: fixed an issue that could cause freeze and thaw to fail on multi-account wallets
  • Coins: setting a label should no longer sometimes label the wrong coin when wallet contains multiple accounts
  • Calc: now accepts pasting full precision amounts
  • Mining: redesigned Settings tab to be more streamlined
  • Mining: all settings are now saved to config
  • Mining: XMRig can now be started with elevated privileges on Linux
  • About: UI improvements
  • Menu: added a 'documentation' action, 'report bug' now redirects to a relevant entry in the official documentation
  • TxProof: no longer allow creating InProofs for change/churn outputs created in outgoing transactions
  • TxProof: removed a misleading error message that showed when trying to create an OutProof when no secret tx key is present
  • TxProofVerify: Verifying a tx proof will no longer hang the UI
  • macOS: the built-in updater should work again
  • macOS: fixed status bar button clickability
  • Rebased Monero to latest release-v0.17

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