Feather Beta-4 released

Další vývoj desktopové peněženky kryptoměny Monero jménem Feather wallet.


Hashes: https://featherwallet.org/files/releases/hashes-beta-4.txt



  • Multi-destination transactions
  • Windows release binaries are now reproducible
  • AppImages are now reproducible
  • Seed: enable erasures (replace a word with "xxxx" and recover the full seed)
  • XMR.to exchange integration was removed


  • RandomX is no longer linked (should help mitigate against AV false positives)
  • Speedup wallet restores by skipping unneeded blocks in fast refresh
  • Include unconfirmed payments in balance calculation


  • Color scheme was improved
  • The Home tab is now hideable
  • Statusbar: Balance is displayed more concicely
  • Wizard: sort wallets by last modified
  • Wizard: seed display was improved
  • Wizard: allow double clicking to open wallet
  • Wizard: add button to copy seed to clipboard
  • History: a notice is shown when the wallet is still synchronizing
  • Settings: You can now select the Reddit frontend to use when opening a link
  • Reddit: Right click -> Copy link
  • Whonix: whonix version is detected and shown in the debug dialog
  • TxConf: show message when churn transaction detected
  • TxInfo: UI was improved
  • History: allow filtering by subaddress label


  • Send: don't lose precision on amounts
  • Clear all tables when wallet is closed
  • Nodes: fallback to hardcoded list if no nodes were previously cached
  • Nodes: don't show the exhaustion warning in some scenarios
  • Coins: fix an issue that could cause freeze/thaw to select the wrong index
  • Fix a crash that could occur when the wizard is closed after trying to open a wallet
  • Update balance immediately after sending a transaction
  • Always store wallet on exit
  • Update the Tor binary on filesystem if embedded version is higher


  • Monero updated to v0.17.1.9
  • Tor updated to
  • Wallet cache debug dialog added
  • Various build system improvements
  • Reduced Windows binary size by 60%

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