Feather Beta-3

Další vývoj desktopové peněženky kryptoměny Monero jménem Feather wallet.




  • MorphToken integration was removed (they now block all Tor traffic).


  • Wallet is now saved immediately upon finishing wallet refresh
  • Feather will no longer sometimes display subaddresses belonging to non-primary accounts for wallets that were created with the GUI
  • Websocket connection is now kept alive


  • Wizard: Open wallet page was redesigned
  • Wizard: New banner design
  • Wizard: "Open wallet" is now autoselected if any wallets are detected
  • Status: Wallet refresh shows blocks remaining instead of absolute values
  • Status will now show an animated message during transaction construction
  • Home: Text in table widgets is now word wrapped
  • DebugInfo: Websocket status message is more concise
  • DebugInfo: A new entry was added that shows if the wallet only contains funds in the primary account
  • History: Formatting of fiat amounts is now locale-aware
  • History: It's no longer possible to rebroadcast incoming transactions
  • TxInfo: Tx proofs now have clickable help labels with information about what each proof proves
  • Contacts: It's no longer possible to add duplicate addresses or labels
  • Send: "Pay to", "Description" and "Amount" are now clickable help labels
  • Amounts are now justified in the transaction confirmation dialog
  • External link warning no longer warns about not using Tor on Tails/Whonix
  • Non-breaking spaces were removed from currency strings
  • Fully funded CCS proposals are no longer hidden
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the send button to remain disabled after a new wallet is opened
  • Attempting to send a transaction when the wallet is not connected to a daemon will now show an error
  • Nodes: double click on a node to connect
  • Clicking the balance label will now pop up a dialog with a more detailed balance overview
  • The default wallet directory can now be changed


  • Minor build speedup

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