CLI & GUI v0.17.1.0 'Oxygen Orion' - Aktualizováno

Nová verze CLI a GUI v0.17.1.0 kryptoměny Monero.


Release notes (GUI)

  • Simple mode: fix a bug causing transaction propagation to fail (stuck as pending)
  • Portable mode: save log to storage folder
  • Fix a rare crash during wallet refresh
  • Fix wallet not showing up on recent wallets screen
  • Fix empty RPATH token issue (Linux)
  • Minor bug fixes

Note that you can find a full change log here.

Release notes (CLI)

  • Dandelion++: skip desynced peers in stem phase, reducing transaction timeouts
  • Fix a bug in wallet serialization that could lead to inaccurate display balance
  • Silence spammy "failed to find tx meta" warning message
  • Fix next_seed_height in get_block_template RPC
  • Fix empty RPATH token issue (Linux / FreeBSD)
  • Reduce minimum required glibc from 2.23 to 2.17 (Linux)
  • Minor bug fixes

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(Direct) download links (CLI)

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