Challenges in Building Software with Monero Code (Paul Shapiro)

This talk will examine the approaches taken by different third- and first-party Monero core code integrators like MyMonero, Cake Wallet, Monerujo, Monero official GUI, Monero simplewallet, and the new Monero lightwallet server. Trade-offs of different approaches and suggestions of future directions will be discussed. All of the above integrators share code and should share more code. Monero as a FOSS project is relatively unique in the pace of its development, leading to unique challenges. The impact of these challenges will be discussed, and alternatives will be given. Paul Shapiro is a veteran software application and UI developer with a focus on interaction and product design and code quality. He serves as the CEO and lead dev at, is a Monero codebase contributor, and lives in Nashville, TN where he enjoys rock climbing and tending to his garden.

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