Cake Wallet pro Android

Peněženka Monero Cake Wallet je nyní dostupná i pro Android a to na službě Google Play. Jedná se o open source.

Cake Wallet na Google Play ZDE.

Základní informace:

-You control your own seed and keys

-Simple interface

-Monero's unique Subaddresses

-Supports conversion into many fiat currencies

-Create multiple wallets

-Create multiple accounts

-Address Book to save various crypto addresses

-Restore existing wallets using seed or private keys

-Restore wallets from block height or date

-Rescan wallet

-Also supports the MyMonero 13 word seed to restore your wallets

-Adjustable transaction speeds

-Choose and save your own daemon/node

-Connects directly to the monero blockchain

-Dark Mode

-EXCHANGE between XMR, BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, DASH, USDT, EOS, XRP, TRX, BNB, ADA, XLM, and NANO in 2 Exchanges!

-Supports many languages.

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