Feather Beta-8

Nová verze desktopové peněženky kryptoměny Monero jménem Feather wallet.

Downloads: https://featherwallet.org/download/



Features & improvements:


  • Trezor hardware wallet support
  • Webcam QrCode scanner
    • Note: the scanner is not currently supported on Linux standalone binaries. Download the AppImage if you are on Linux and want to use this feature.
  • You can now paste a QrCode image directly into the Pay To field and it will automatically fill in the address (and description, amount if it is a payment request):


  • QrDialog: QrCode now scales with the size of the dialog.
  • Multi-input sweeps: You can now select multiple coins in the Coins to sweep in a single transaction.
  • Coins can now be labeled.
    • Note: labels are currently tied to the transaction description. Let me know if your use-case requires finer control.
  • A search bar was added to the Coins tab.
  • Unconfirmed transactions are now stored in the wallet cache and can be rebroadcast after the is re-opened. Prior to this update rebroadcasting was only possible as long as the wallet remained open after sending a transaction.
  • During initial setup the presence of local node on the default port is detected. Feather will automatically suggest connecting to it instead of a third party node.
  • Added a tool to check if an address: 1) is valid, 2) belongs to the currently opened wallet, 3) which subaddress account it belongs to. You can access it by going to Tools -> Address checker.
  • The list of mining pools in the Mining tab can now be configured.
  • Updated built-in Tor to v0.4.6.6 (Windows / Linux)
  • Linux release builds should now be permanently reproducible
  • A button to show transaction details was added to the dialog that appears after successfully sending a transaction.
  • Password entry is now required to open the seed, keys dialog.
  • Dummy outputs are now labeled in the advanced transaction confirmation dialog.
  • Added an "Open link" button on various message boxes that include a link
  • Updated the hardcoded node list: added more high performance nodes and removed dead nodes and v2 hidden services
  • Contacts: switch name and address column
  • The list of recently opened wallets can now be cleared.
  • Reduced AppImage size by 22% (31 -> 24 MB)
  • Reduced standalone Linux binary size by 35% (76 -> 49 MB)


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the wizard to stay open after opening a wallet
  • --stagenet and --testnet command line flags work again
  • Closing a wallet will no longer cause the wizard to hang temporarily
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a wallet to fail to open if the wallet cache was missing
  • Minor UI fixes

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